Corporate Team Building Activities

Looking to organise a Corporate Team Building Day? Then look no further Airsoft is the ideal activity for team building.
We have 16 hire guns available and can offer Private Games on dates to suit you (Subject to Availability)

In these hard times it has never been so important for teams to work efficiently and in cohesion.

The Military Forces deal with situations and scenarios everyday where teamwork is imperative to the success of their operations. Without these important qualities the outcome can very well be fatal.

That is why getting your teams to attend our as real as it gets Military themed Corporate Team Building Days could really improve their team skills whilst having an intensely fun time doing it.
We will be getting them so immersed into the scenarios that team members individual qualities will shine through.

They will be Rescuing hostages, Eliminating the drugs cartel, Defending villages under attack from hostile forces, Rescuing down and injured pilots, Retrieving critical intelligence from enemy occupied territory, Defusing bombs, Taking down the religious sect, outwitting the opposition and more all whilst under pressure from time limits and aiming to achieve awards.

Each individual scenario is designed to focus on different team skills that they will be shown how to use to maximum effectiveness.

Good communication skills between team members is an important part of how a team works as a whole, without it the team cannot function properly.
With most of our scenarios good communication skills are brought home to the players. We stress the importance of qualification and confirmation of information that has been given

Team Bonding
The structure of any group is at its strongest when the people in it have a strong bond.
Our exciting activity and the scenarios that we provide bring team members together and united for the common good, helping each other out as they go.

A team without a leader is like a car without an engine, it just won't work!
We use team leaders and hone in on their ability to recognise other team members skills and utilise them for the good of the team objective by getting them to delegate differenet tasks.

It is important for each team member to utilise their individual strengths for the good of the team and its objectives. during our scenarios we will show team leaders how to identify individuals strengths and use them accordingly.

Problem Solving
The ability to problem solve on the spot is important in the overall efficeincy of any team.
We integrate different problems into our scenarios which team members will have to overcome most of which will force the members to make on the spot decisions.

To see what we can offer for your Corporate Team Building Day and for a bespoke quote drop us an email to


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