Hostage Rescue Experience

Imagine being part of an elite team of Special Operatives on a rescue mission in order to try and rescue VIP's that are being held hostage by a hostile force.

Our Hostage Rescue Experience is a fully blown, adrenaline filled immersive and exciting experience that is fantastic for birthday and team building parties.
Your mission is simple, led by our experienced Military trained Team Leaders you will need to infiltrate the enemy compound, probably silently kill off any patrolling guards in doing so, set up and detonate pyrotechnich explosives to gain access and engage the hostiles whilst trying to avoid injury to any hostages in the process.
Once you have located the hostages and eliminted any immediate threats you'll need to extract them to the safety of the exfil point, however there might be a chance that some of them are injured or incapacitated so extreme care will be needed in order to keep them alive and the success of the mission.`

The Experience is suitable for groups of 10 people of age 13 and over.
Your experience will take part in the evening usually at the weekend or on a date of your choosing (subject to availability)
The experience last for 1.5 hours and there are 2 session times available to choose from.
6.00pm - 7.30pm
8.00pm - 9.30pm
All this takes place at our amazing and feature rich 100 acre woodland enemy compound, where you will find.

Helicopters : Underground Bunkers : Fuel Depot : A Kill House : Missile Trucks and Vehicles : Communication Station : Highly Secure Gated and Fenced Off Enemy Compound with lots of hiding places to clear.

The Experience includes the following:
Weapons handling and safety briefing.
1 x Airsoft Weapon, Magazine and Ammo per participant.
1 x Mesh Full Face Mask (for under 18's) or Protective Safety Specs for Adults.
Lots of Actors playing the roles of bad guys and the hostages.
Explosives and Remote Detonator units that you will have to use under guidance.
Fake blood and wounds special effects for reality.

Prices Per Person

Locations: Wolverhampton Venue
Contact to enquire about this experience.
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