There is no licence in Airsoft.
UKARA registration is different to the site membership. (Our site membership requires you to have your own gun but other sites may vary)
The law and UKARA only applies to the buying of Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF's) and says you need to be over 18 and have completed 3 games over a minimum period of 3 months at a UKARA registered game site such as ourselves. The site owners upon your request will then stamp your UKARA application form and you can then go out and buy a RIF by handing that form in at any UKARA registered retailer, they will add you to the UKARA database.
Anyone over the age of 18 can buy a two tone (blue / green etc) Airsoft gun, without the need for UKARA registration.
Anyone over the age of 11 can play Airsoft at our site, you can either use your own gun be that two tone or RIF, or you can hire a RIF from us (needs pre booking and prepaid for).
Hope that helps and here's a bit more about UKARA and The Law :)

UKARA was formed as a response to the drafting of the Violent Crime Reduction Bill in 2006 which later became an Act of Parliament.

UKARA is an association of UK Airsoft Retailers brought together to protect themselves from prosecution and enable a safe method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms ( RiF's ) to the largest of the permitted purchaser groups in the UK, Airsoft Players.

The onus is on the seller of a RIF to make sure they only sell to a legitimate purchaser, prosecution could result as a failure to do this.

The Governments desire was to have a third party system in place which would track sales to legitimate purchasers of RiF's, checking their eligibility.

UKARA interest was to provide such a system and make it free to sites and players, and as inclusive as possible for the future of their market, without which they would not exist.

This has benefited all players and game sites, as it has produced a framework acceptable to the Government to allow Airsoft as a sport to remain viable.

The UKARA database keeps a record of all participating Airsoft players and game sites, and is used by retailers and the UKBA for verification of sales and imports.


The above information was taken directly from the UKARA website.

Here is the link to the UKARA website:

So what does that mean to me?

In order to join the UKARA Scheme and be able to purchase Realistic Imitation Firearms first you need to become a member of a UKARA registered game site and then apply through that Site Operator such as ourselves "Ace Airsoft War Games".
Eligibility for Site membership and UKARA registration is as follows.
  •     You must be over 18 years old (UKARA Registration Only - You CAN be a site member if you are under 18)
  •     You must attend 3 game days within a 12 month period at the same site (Using your own kit or Hire one of ours)
  •     You must attend 2 of these game days within the first 2 months.
  •     The 3rd game date may be taken anywhere after month 3 but within 12 months.
Once site membership is obtained the player will have to attend games on a regular basis (we ask for 6 games over a 12 month period to be deemed regular) at the site they signed up with in order to keep their UKARA active the next year. The game site does have the power to Suspend or Revoke your UKARA entitlement when they see fit and if they suspect you are not a genuine Airsoft Skirmisher.
So now I've done my 3 games can I buy a RIF (Realistic Imitation Airsoft Firearm)? Well NO not straight away.
If you want to buy an Airsoft RIF from a UKARA registered retailer you will need to get your Airsoft Site Operator to do the following.
Each time you visit your airsoft site operator they should keep a record of your visit in a database. After game 3 you can ask them for a UKARA Players membership application form, they fill in your details, you show them proof of who you are and of your address (usually 1 photo ID & 1 Address ID) and they then issue you with a UKARA Players number, they then stamp the form with their UKARA approved stamp. (Please note most clubs make a small admin charge for doing this and keeping their database up to date, we charge £10 for doing this and keeping our player database up to date).
Once you have the application stamped by them then you may send it off along with a RIF order to any UKARA registered retailer. The retailer will add you and your UKARA number to the UKARA players database and process your order at the same time. You and your Airsoft Site Operator will then receive confirmation from either the retailer or UKARA by post or email that you have been added to the database. Please quote your UKARA Player number whenever you are purchasing RIF's from a UKARA registered retailer in the future. As long as the club you are a member of keeps their UKARA entitlement and you attend regular games there you will remain UKARA registered.
If your details change such as:
  •     You move house
  •     You change your registered email address
  •     You get married and change your name.
Please ensure that you inform your club administrator so that they can amend your details on the UKARA players database and their own database. You will not be able to purchase future RIF's without this being done!

You can check your UKARA status anytime by visiting the UKARA PLAYER SELF CHECK WEBSITE:



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