About Ace Airsoft


We're basically a group of Airsofters with different skills and experience such as event co-ordinating, prop making, pyrotechnics knowledge and script writing that got together to open an Airsoft Site.

We trade under the business name of "Ace Group" but are better known in the Airsoft community as Ace Airsoft or Ace Airsoft War Games.

All of us involved in Ace Group love both playing Airsoft and holding the events, we've played games at other sites across the Uk and saw an opportunity to open a site locally and with a lot of disappointments, let downs, head and heart aches, blood sweat and tears we finally did it.


CARL - Partner (General Management, Event Co-ordination, Script Writing, Website Administration)
Callsign "Araknid"
(Pic of Carl Coming Soon)

PAUL - Partner(Site Photography, Prop Making)
Callsign "SickNWrong"
(Pic of Paul Coming Soon)

Carl, Paul, Andy P, Karl & Andy E are the regular Hi Viz Marshals on site, so you can rest assured should someone be caught cheating or not taking hits, they'll get noticed and dealt with accordingly.

There are also a whole host of staff members who work behind the scenes as it were, without them we couldn't function correctly.

In order that we hold fantastic games and to ensure fair play we operate using experienced Marshals and sometimes "In Game Marshals" usually one in each team, we find it really helps in keeping the games fluid, ensuring hit taking is maintained and to get a players perspective of the games in real time. All of our in game marshals are experienced Airsoft players and have also recieved specialist marshal training in dealing with all aspects of potential game play issues such as Not Taking Hits / Game Fluidity etc.

ANDY P - Head Marshal
Callsign "Wolfy"
(Pic of Karl Coming Soon)

KARL - Marshal
Callsign "Wolfy"
(Pic of Karl Coming Soon)

ANDY E - Marshal
Callsign "Reaper"
(Pic of Ray Coming Soon)


First Aid staff are fully qualified and certified to deal with most eventualities, however should the need arise we have Emergency Services procedures in place.