Ace Airsoft Wolverhampton Membership

There is no licence in Airsoft.
UKARA registration is different to the site membership. (Our site membership requires you to have your own gun but other sites may vary)
The law and UKARA only applies to the buying of Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF's) and says you need to be over 18 and have completed 3 games over a minimum period of 3 months at a UKARA registered game site such as ourselves. The site owners upon your request will then stamp your UKARA application form and you can then go out and buy a RIF by handing that form in at any UKARA registered retailer, they will add you to the UKARA database.
Anyone over the age of 18 can buy a two tone (blue / green etc) Airsoft gun, without the need for UKARA registration.
Anyone over the age of 11 can play Airsoft at our site, you can either use your own gun be that two tone or RIF, or you can hire a RIF from us (needs pre booking and prepaid for).
Hope that helps :)

To play at our site does not require membership but it does have its perks!

Membership Benefits**UKARA Only
Club Game Discount Code Issued. 
UKARA Registration **
£5 off Walk on Fee's at regular games.
(Book with your Discount Code)
** Requirements: 18 years old or above / 3 Games at our site over 3 months.

Certain rules do apply to be entitled and qualify for membership.

  •     You must provide us your home address details.
  •     You must provide us with a Contact Telephone Number & an Email Address
  •     You must provide us your Date of Birth.
  •     You must own your own Airsoft Kit. Membership benefits do NOT apply to people hiring our Airsoft Kit.

Q) If I'm a member of your Airsoft club can I buy a RIF (Realistic Imitation Airsoft Firearm) straightaway?
A) YES if you are over 18 and played a minimum of 3 games at our site over 3 months or more we will upon request stamp your UKARA application which you can then send to any UKARA registered retailer. Or you can purchase one from our retail website.

If your details change such as:

  •     You move house
  •     You change your registered email address
  •     You get married and change your name.

Please ensure that you inform us so that we can amend your details on both the UKARA players database and our own club database. You will not be able to purchase a RIF without this!