Airsoft General FAQ's

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GENERAL FAQ's for new players.

I've got my own Realistic Airsoft gun but I am NOT UKARA Registered, can I still play and use it at your site?
YES you can, UKARA only applies when you are purchasing a Realistic Airsoft Gun. Anyone can own one even under 18's.
However it is still a serious jailable offence to display a Realistic Airsoft Gun in public, so you should keep it under wraps preferably in a locked rifle case and only use it at a legitimate Airsoft Site.

Can I be gifted a Realistic Airsoft Gun as a birthday / christmas present even if I am not UKARA registered or I'm even under 18?
YES you can if no monies or exchanges are made otherwise it then becomes a sale and the law then applies.

I've got my own Airsoft gun but it's two tone e.g. bright orange, can I use it at your site?
In short YES as long as it conforms to our FPS ratings. However our Hire Airsoft guns are very high spec.

Does Airsoft Hurt?
Well it does sting a little but if you have played paintball before not as much as that.

Will I get peppered as soon as I start to play?
There is that possibility but you will be helped along by our staff to reduce the chances of this happening.

Do you supply all the safety wear?
Yes, we supply everything apart from clothing that you need to have an enjoyable and safe day with us.

What should I bring on the day?
Warm outdoor Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and a good set of boots with ankle support, some spare cash for lunch, grenades extra ammo etc. A good sense of humour and fun.

I have been drinking the night before, will I still be able to play?
As long as it doesn't have an effect on yours or others safety, however it is upto the decision of our staff on the day. In general it is not advised to turn up half cut.

I have a medical condition, do you need to know?
Yes you must tell us what condition you have prior to arrival so that our First Aider can be notified.

Is the rental ammo unlimited?
No but for a rental package we will give you 1,100 rounds to start with if you are hiring kit so that should be enough to get you going. Extra Ammo is £11.50 per 3600 rounds of 0.2g.

How much are the Grenades?
Strike Fuse MK5 Thunderflash Grenades are £9.00 for a pack of 3 / Smoke Grenades are £5.00 each

What are the age limits?
The minimum age limit to play is 11 years, To use and purchase grenades you have to be 18+.

What group size is required to book?
For our regular open days none you may come as an individual, however all booking dates are subject to a minimum number of attendees booking in. In the unlikely event not enough people book to attend on your particular date we will offer an alternative booking date or we may have to cancel your booking and issue a refund to the full amount you have paid. For private parties such as stag parties and birthday parties we do need a minimum of 10 people to book.

Can I just turn up at your site?
NO, we operate on a Pre Booked pre paid basis for all players.

Is their refreshments on site?
Yes, tea and coffee is available and FREE from the onsite cafe which also sells burgers, hot dogs and chips etc at very reasonable prices.

Is there a First Aider?
Yes we have a number of our own fully qualified First Aiders along with a CRB checked Child Protection Officer on site.

Is there parking facilities?
Yes the site has its very own car park.

Are there toilet facilities?
Yes we have toilet facilities in the Safe Zone Area.

Are airsoft guns Air Guns?
NO very far from it, airsoft guns are usually battery operated and use compressed air to fire the bb.

Can I bring my own Air Gun / Air Rifle?
NO Air Guns & Air Rifles are a real Firearm and you will not be allowed to bring it onto site.

How much is it to come?
If you are hiring its £47 per Person / If you have your own kit its £29 non club members / £24 for club members.

What is included in the hire price?
The rental of: Hire Gun, Mesh Full Face Mask, 1,100 Rounds of BB ammo, Free Tea And Coffee.

Can I buy more ammo?
Yes BB ammo is £11.50 per 3,600 rounds

Can my friends or parents come and watch?
Parents are welcome to wait in the Safe Zone Area unless they have eye protection (we have safety glasses available £3 to hire) in which case they can enter the battle zone, however they are may get shot, so beware parents.

What groups do you cater for?
Anyone and everyone Stag Parties / Birthday parties / Corporate Team Building days.

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