What Is Airsoft

It's the "As Real As It Can Get" next level of Battlefield Gaming.

Forget Paintball......... take it up a step!

Because of the realism of the weapons and tactics involved the Police and Armed forces now use Airsoft for weapons training exercises based around realistic hostile situations.

Our Airsoft hire guns are realistic feel, size and weight "Full Metal" replica firearms the HK MP5 fully automatic machine pistol (As Below) they use small 6mm diameter precision made and polished plastic or sometimes biodegradable bb's for ammunition.

These guns are by no means toys, they are high capacity battery operated and usually have a muzzle velocity of around 350 feet per second with an average targeting accuracy range of around 50 metres.

Unlike Paintball there is no markers involved in airsoft so there is an element of honesty required in the game, however most sites including us use marshals to ensure fair play during games, we ourselves use in game or undercover marshals.

The history of Airsoft started in the 80's where it was illegal to own a firearm in Japan although there were plenty of people who had a real interest in them.
Manufacturers realising the potential started to make Realistic looking Imitation Firearms (RIF's) that were spring operated and fired plastic or sometimes rubber BB's or pellets of usually  6mm diameter. During the popularity boom of these the manufacturers looked into making them gas and electric battery powered.

The Airsoft hobby has since become a worldwide phenomenon and most of the manufacturers now make their Airsoft guns using battery power aka (Automatic Electric Gun) in a 1:1 scale and even in some cases of full or part metal.

The hobby and the AEG's became an excellent way to train police forces and military units in dealing with various hostile situations.

And so the sport took off for the hobbiests who enjoy days of Military Simulations at registered game sites.


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