Ace Airsoft West Midlands

Our Airsoft Site in the West Midlands is set in 100 acres of woodland near to Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Telford and Shrewsbury. and is well capable of accommodating over 100 players.
C/O Warped Sports
Tong Wood
Newport Road
Wolverhampton TF11 8PN

Day Games: Gates open at 08:30 Please sign in at the Event Box Trailer
Day Games: Gates close at 09:00
Day Games: Signing In closes at 09:30
Day Games: Safety Briefing at 09:30
Day Games: Games Start at 10:00 (Approx)
Day Games: 1 Hour Lunch at 13:00
Day Games: Games end at 16:30 (Approx).

Our site boasts two contrasting game zones The Wasteland & The Lost Kingdon - Maps below
With a large covered safe zone, car parking for around 60 cars, friendly and helpful marshals plus an on site cafe for your lunchtime essentials you're guaranteed to have a great time.

The Wasteland, normally played in the morning is an open area flat lands and great for hardcore battles featuring Helicopters, Underground Bunkers, Multiple Barricades & Vehicles, A Fuel Depot, Trenches, Missile Trucks, A Communication Station, A Crash Site and Field Ambulance plus lots more.

The Lost Kingdom usually played in the afternoon is a long forgotten jungle warfare zone with lots of natural cover, great for ghillie suits & snipers and the more sneaky tactical player and features Ancient Monuments, Multiple Barricades, Trenches, Islands, A Stream & Bridges, Hillside Bunkers and embankments, Huts and a Snipers Ridge.



Our on site facilities include:

  •     A fully qualified First Aider and Health and Safety Officer onsite during game play days.
  •     A fully qualified and CRB checked Child Protection Officer for those between 16 & 18 playing without a chaperone.
  •     Health and Safety, Weapons and Pyrotechnics Briefings.
  •     We have Fully Automatic Rental Guns




The NEAREST POSTCODE is TF11 8PN - please note however that the centre is based in a 100 acre WOODLAND which does not have its own dedicated postcode so some SatNav systems get confused! Please double check with the above map or the directions below before setting out.  
From The South West (West Brom /Bromsgrove /Redditch etc)  

    Take M5 North to the end and join M6 North  
    Leave M6 North at JCT10A onto M54  
    Leave M54 at JCT3 onto A41 towards Wolverhampton/Cosford  
    Site entrance is 20 metres from the motorway roundabout  

From The East or South East (Walsall / Birmingham /Solihull /Coventry etc)  

    Take the M6 North  
    Leave M6 North at JCT 10A onto M54  
    Leave M54 at JCT3 onto A41 towards Wolverhampton/Cosford  
    Site entrance is 20 metres from the motorway roundabout  

From The West (Telford / Shrewsbury / Wales etc)

    Make your way to the M54  
    Leave M54 at JCT3 onto A41 towards Wolverhampton/Cosford  
    Site entrance is 20 metres from the motorway roundabout  

From The North (Stafford / Stoke etc)  

    Take the M6 South
    Leave the M6 at JCT11 and follow signs for M54
    You will join M54 at JCT1 - take WESTBOUND Carriageway towards TELFORD on M54
    Leave M54 at JCT3 onto A41 towards Wolverhampton/Cosford
    Site entrance is 20 metres from the motorway roundabout  



Any Airsoft Gun Capable of Full Auto:
Max 1.2 Joules (with your heaviest weight BB)

Airsoft Pistols - All Types:
Max 1.2 Joules (with your heaviest weight BB)

Airsoft Sniper Rifle or Any Airsoft Gun that is only capable of Single Shot:
Max 2.4 Joules (with your heaviest weight BB) (Minimum engagement distance 30M)

All DMR Airsoft Rifles:
Max 1.9 Joules (with your heaviest weight BB) (Minimum engagement distance 30M)

ALL HPA Airsoft Guns:
Must be anti tamper tournament locked.

Chronograph testing will be carried out at the start of the day and may take place at random during the day.


What should I bring on the day?
Warm Clothes and a good set of rugged boots, some spare cash for lunch, grenades extra ammo etc. A good sense of humour and fun.

I have been drinking the night before, will I still be able to play?
Our insurance stipulates that we are NOT allowed to let anyne under the influence of illegal drugs or alchohol to play for reasons of safety, the decision regarding this is up to our staff on the day and is final. In general it is not advised to turn up half cut after a heavy night out.

I have a medical condition, do you need to know?
Yes you must tell us what condition you have prior to arrival so that our First Aider can be notified.


What are the age limits?
The minimum age limit to play is 11 years, To use and purchase grenades you have to be 18+.

Can I just turn up at your site?
If you DON'T need a rental gun then yes you can but we also operate a Pre Booking system to speed up the registrations on the morning of games. Walk ons can pay on the day but we ACCEPT CASH ONLY.

Can I bring my own Air Gun / Air Rifle?
NO Air Guns & Air Rifles are a real Firearm and you will not be allowed to bring it onto site.

Can I bring a knife?
NO real weapons are not allowed under any circumstances (Soft Rubber Knives only may be used).

Can I bring my own Pyrotechnics, Grenades and Blank Ammunition?

For the safety of our players and staff just a reminder that all pyrotechnics to be used by players at our site must be of retail cold burn specification only and made by trusted manufacturers such as Enola Gaye / TLSFX etc and only to be used in gameplay as described in the rules below.
The following pyrotechnics and or grenades always have been or are now BANNED from use by players at our Wolverhampton Woodland site:

We have taken the following steps to ensure the further safety of our players and staff.
Electric Maroons
Blank Firing Grenades and or use of Blank Firing Rounds
Any Metal Cased Grenades or Pyrotechnics
TAG Rounds

Any pyrotechnic that is classed as Hot Burning
Any open flame pyrotechnic
None Trusted Brand of Manufacturer
Any Pyro classed as Military Grade
Any Home Made Pyrotechnic
Mortars that to operate need an explosive to propell a pyrotechnic.

Only over 18's are allowed to purchase any pyrotechnic.
Only over 18's are allowed to use a pyrotechnic unless instructed how to safely operate one by a member of staff as part of a controlled safe to use gameplay prop.
All pyrotechnics / grenades must be thrown under arm or better still rolled into position.
Pyrotechnics must not be launched / targeted at any particular individual.
No running whilst holding an already primed pyrotechnic.
Only prime the pyrotechnic when you are in a stationary position from where you intend to deploy it.
NO deploying of pyrotechnics into an area that you have no visibility of where it will land.
DO NOT pick up a deployed and primed pyrotechnic if it fails to go off.
We advise that you DO NOT take any unspent pyrotechnics off site.
For players wishing to bring their own pyrotechnics, these must first be inspected by a member of staff before being used.

Rules regarding hit taking
If we have any complaints about a particular individual marshalls will first "spot" them and may hit test them if there is doubt, if the suspect owns up to a hit the marshal will state "Marshal Hit, Carry On" and then the player will be free to continue playing. However should the suspect not take the hit, they will be shown out of the game. Repeat offending for non hit taking may result in you being ejected from the site and banned.
So lets make things simple "If in doubt shout hit out".

Rules regarding Violent Actions and Bullying
Major offences such as bullying of other players, assault either verbal or physical to other players or our staff or the maltreatment of our hire kit will result in you being instantly thrown off the site and if neccessary a report of any incident being made to the Police.

Rules regarding Minors Under 18's
All under 18's MUST hand in a signed Parental Consent Form upon arrival, available to download HERE:
Right Click & "Save As" PARENTAL CONSENT FORM (You will need adobe acrobat or a similar PDF file viewer to read)

All under 16's MUST have a nominated adult (18+) present on site during their stay unless prior agreed with us. We do have Safety Specs available should the nominated adult wish to spectate in the game zone. Safety Glasses Rental £3.00

All under 18's MUST wear full face protection and we advise all players to wear full face protection in any case.