October Airsoft Games

Next Open Game - Sunday 1st October 2017 - Wolverhampton
08.30am - 16.30pm

Warped Sport, Tong Wood, Newport Road, TF11 8PN

The Rise of MyKill Mires
Fancy Dress Optional (prize for the best costume of the day)

In eastern Brataslavakia two opposing religious cults battle it out to resurect the Demon "Faxus" with the ideolaogy of enslaving all humanity into his dark and disturbing new realm.
Followers must harvest as many enemy Souls as possible in order for the ressurection ceremony to be successful and woe betide those that fail in this quest, the wrath of Faxus on those that displease him has been written about for centuries in the ancient scrolls buried deep within the walls of his shadowy temple.

The spirit of Mykill Mires (The abhorrent son of Faxus) can be summoned temporarily to use as a weapon against the enemy as he instills fear into their minds and sends their souls Hellbound. To summon Mykill Mires you need to harvest ten enemy souls of your own doing and relinquish them to the high priest (Head Marshal) who will perform the incantation.
Mykill will run amock on a killing spree until the dark and evil energy of the incantation within him runs weak and dissapates into the cold lifeless air around him.

It will be a terrifying shame for those that have no Souls to offer Faxus as they will surely have "Hell To Pay"!

Each player starts with a Soul (a tag) should an enemy player "hit" you, you will remain still for 60 seconds to give them a chance to harvest your soul and then you respawn. Should the enemy player not reach you within 60 seconds you bleed out and respawn anyway but keep your soul.

Medic Rules will be decided on the day.

Should you harvest an enemy players Soul keep it until your team has 10 enemy souls and then you can exchange them with the Head Marshal to release Mykill Mires upon the enemy.

Mykill Mires cannot be killed but he can temporarily be knocked out for a few moments if the energy field (a balloon) of the incantation becomes weak or unstable.

If you are unlucky enough to meet your demise by Mykill you must go relinquish your soul to the Head Marshal and then straight on to your respawn point.

The winners will be the team with the most Souls harvested during the day who will then be able to resurrect the darkness that is Faxus pledging their allegiance to his ungodly reign.

Walk on Non Members £30 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on Standard Members £25 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on Plus Members £20 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on for Serving Forces £23 (pre booking required & pay on the day - Valid ID required)

Limited Hire Weapons and Hire Kit available £45 all inclusive.
ALL HIRES MUST be booked online and paid for in advance before being reserved for you. (Please see below to book)
Hire Kit Comprises: (1 x MP5 or G36C or UMP, 1 x Magazine, 1,000 Rounds of BB Ammo & 1 x Mesh Mask).

Additional Ammo - £9.00 per 3,000 rounds


Hire Gun Booking:
Please see bottom of page to book a hire gun.

Walk On Booking Link:
(Book Online & Pay on the day)


Contact us:
General Contact (Apart from Game Days) - Carl: 07786192832
Game Day Contact - Tom: 07730477429

All under 18's MUST hand in a signed Parental Consent Form upon arrival, available to download here:
Right Click & "Save As" PARENTAL CONSENT FORM (You will need adobe acrobat or a similar PDF file viewer to read)


All under 16's MUST be accompanied at all times by a playing nominated adult (18+) as outlined in the Parental Consent Form unless prior agreed with us.

All under 18's MUST wear full face protection and we advise all players to wear full face protection in any case.


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